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Destinations Where Nigerians Can Visit Without Visa or E-Visa

Visiting visa free countries is always a good idea as applications and processing can be stressful especially for travel lovers. The process involved in getting a visa can be tiring. If you wish to travel out but you have considered the amount, time and processes involved in getting a visa, there are many free visa countries for you as far as you have your valid Nigerian passport Five senses travels is excited to let you know more about visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders, so take a deep breath sit back and keep scrolling. We have got a list of beautiful destinations that are absolutely visa free for you to choose from.

Cape Verde

It Is a country tucked in the west Africa archipelagos which consists of 10 islands, the good news is there is a direct flight from Lagos to her capital Praia. It is a very beautiful destination for Nigerians and offers a free visa policy. This makes it a budget dream place for holidays. Among the most visited places are Sal, boa vista which are very beautiful destinations for beach lovers. With a vast stretch of pristine golden sandy beaches and many beautiful styled architectural buildings, the beaches offer a relaxed and low key atmosphere. For those who love hiking and trekking adventures, the Fogo and Santiago offer unique dramatic picturesque volcanic scenes of mountains


Kenya is one of the most travelled places in Africa, and a considerable percentage of its GDP comes from tourism. the country has many exciting places and national parks tucked inside and also far away from the capital Nairobi.

Among such locations is Ngare Ndare Forest which is home to a waterfall, canopy walk, and blue waters. There are hotels close by or Airbnb accommodation that can cater for the night. Ngare Ndare Forest is a fantastic place for the weekend. Also, if you like beautiful untouched beaches, Lamu beaches are the most beautiful, serene and magical part of Kenya. This place gives you that a wonderful and unique feeling.  Also you will have the chance to experience the Kenyan culture with the local cuisines and art.


Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is among the fast-selling destinations in Africa.It is also a dream place for adventurer travelers. The majestic mountains and the enchanting lakes make it a scenically stunning tiny country. You will enjoy a city tour of Kigali-one, the safest and cleanest capital in Africa. You can also include a Wildlife excursion to Akagera National Park. If you like kayaking, visit the city of Musanze, about 100km from the capital and enjoy boat trip on the twin lakes-Burera and Ruhondo. You can also travel to the shores of Lake Kivu, which conceal some of the best inland beaches. Finally trek to Mount Bisoke, which is the highest point in the country



This is on the top of the list for honeymooners. The Maldives bring a picturesque fairy tale destination to your imagination with images of conjuring resorts, walking on a sandy beachfront, jet-skiing on sapphire waters. This remote destination offers a plethora of opportunities.

Most Nigerians see this destination as a luxury destination, but you can visit without a visa. Located in Asia, this destination is home to 1192 coral islands. A beautiful way to reconnect with yourself and get completely immersed in nature. Among many things you can do in the Maldives is watching the dolphins, and having dinner under the water at Anantara Kihavah luxury resort


It is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa. Since 2018, the Tanzanian government implemented an electronic visa which is a requirement for Nigerian citizens to visit the country for tourism or business. Once you get the eVisa, It allows you to enter the territory and stay a maximum of 90 days. In Tanzania. you can visit the Stone Town, Paje, Bweju, Jambiani or Nunwi. So many destination sites for you to pick from and have a blast. Do not be in a hurry, you have 90 days to tour this amazing place.



Nigerians get visa on arrival for 90 days and that’s plenty of time to be a tourist in any land. Don’t you think? Places to visit when in Madagascar are endless, but we would give you a few, like, Zahamena Mangabe, Cape Sainte Marie, Amber National Parks, Tsingy de Bemaraha and so much more. You must have noticed the endless list of national parks, fun fact about these place tourism attractions. Do not forget your cameras to capture these lovely places.

Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso, another country in West Africa and famous for its vibrant African art and culture market, does not require Nigerians to have a visa to visit. All you need is your passport and proof that you have enough money to sustain yourself for the duration of your stay in the country. The Country boasts of gold reserves and is rich in music and art like the drumming culture.

Benin Republic


As a Nigerian passport holder, you can visit Benin Republic and stay for 3 months without a visa. A country located close to Nigeria, there are a number of tourist attractions in the country that may interest you like the nominated UNESCO World Heritage site named Pendjari National Park.



Nigerians are allowed a visit to Burundi for 30 days without a visa requirement. The country is known for its craft works that serve as a great gift option for tourists. From shields, baskets and masks to statues and pottery. An important part of the culture in Burundi is drumming, the Royal Drummers of Burundi have been performing for 40 years. The oral tradition of the country through poetry, storytelling and songs is also something worth enjoying.



Enjoy a great time in Cameroon as entry is visa-free for Nigerians. Check out the National Museum & Mvog-Betsi Zoo in Yaounde or the La Pagode Maritime Museum in Douala. There are a number of wildlife species ranging from lions and antelopes to snakes and birds, you will find at any of the parks.

Ivory coast

A visa free stay in ivory coast formerly known as Cote d’ivoire is worth it as there are several points of interests and tourist attractions you can visit during your stay. The beach resorts of Assinie, Tai, valleys of Man and the artsy Grand Bassam are some of the breathtaking tourist attractions you can see in Cote d’ivoire. You may also enjoy the lagoon boat tour or visit the open markets in Treichville or Cocody.



To gain entrance in to Senegal you don’t need a visa as a Nigerian It is a country with great communication, transport and security systems making it good for tourists. Senegal features wildlife, culture, historical features, landscapes, and great weather. As a Nigerian visiting Senegal please ensure that your passport is valid and that you have all the necessary documents ready for border control


Burj Khalifa

The UAE is made up of a diverse landscape that includes waterless mountains, coastal lowlands and wetlands, and rocky desert. This attracts tourists to the country who come to see the amazing beaches and to enjoy some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. The UAE is defined as eligible for the eVisa and this offers benefits to tourists who are planning to visit the country. Nigerian citizens can apply for the UAE eVisa simply by filling a form from the comfort of their homes. The eVisa should only be used for tourism and leisure and Nigerian citizen should not exceed their stay for more than one month. Also they must have their travel plans ready before applying for the eVisa like the arrival date and the flight number

Travelling with a Nigerian passport which ranks 101 out of 199 countries is quite a task because there are no many visa-free countries for Nigerian nationals. However, there are still countries that admit Nigerians without a visa, which is great. With five senses travel limited you can be assured that you will tour this counties stress free without a visa. With only a valid passport, you will gain entry into these countries without having to stress yourself over a visa. If you fancy visiting this countries, check out our trips and special offers or chat with us to help you plan and answer any questions you might have. Try something different, beautiful, exotic and stress free.

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