About Us

Fivesenses Travel Ltd

We are a team of travel Expert, the owner is in the Travel industry for the past 10 Years, and lived on 4 different continents, have a passion for culture, nature and history.

We are represented on safaribookings.com.

The idea of fivesenses-travel born after a long trip in West and East Africa, wanted to bring the best of Africa with affordable rates and makes the world discover the magic of Africa.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide to our clients the most unforgettable trip with affordable prices, we are offering responsible and sustainable experiences, working with the local.

We are also taking care of corporate, groups, organizing their trips, events but also offering the assistance and guidance needed.

Team Members


Travel Consultant

Khadija has 9 years of experience in the travel field, living in Kenya, travelled in East Africa, Egypt and Middle East.


Travel Consultant

Phillip has 3 years of experience in travel industry, born and lived in Kenya handling travel for people in East Europe (particularly Poland), Middle East and organizing business trip for organization.